Race Rules



  • There are 2 category divisions recognized (this is different from the USAC point system): Pro & Open
  • Pro: All racers holding a USAC Pro license, Cat 1, as well as Cat 2 are required to register for this category. Top 5 podium finishers receive payouts and medals
  • Open: USAC Cat 3 license holders. Top 3 Open finishers receive medals and swag
  • Top 3 Overall Pro, Open, and SS finishers receive next year’s pre-registration
  • Age Divisions podium finishers receive medals at the award ceremony

    100 Mile Classes

    50 Mile Classes

    Men Women Men Women
    • Pro/1/2
    • Pro/1/2
    • Pro/1/2
    • Pro/1/2
    • Open/3
    • Open/3
    • Open/3
    • Open/3
    • SSPro/1/2
    • SSPro/1/2
    • SSPro/1/2
    • SSPro/1/2
    • SS open/3
    • SS open/3
    • SS open/3
    • SS open/3

Racer Cancellation policy

  • All registration will be conducted by lottery through athlete360.com
  • Cancellation is the responsibility of the racer to contact the race before July 12, in order to allow time to fill the vacancy (email: butte100@gmail.com)
  • Exactly 1/2 the cost of registration fee will be refunded, up to July 12, 2015, by means of a sent check. No race jersey will be sent to withdrawn racers.
  • Refunds will not be honored after July 12, no exceptions
  • Transfers are not accepted.
  • Fees do NOT include the required $10 USA Cycling license available for purchase at packet pick-up (cash or check)

 Packet Pick-up

  • Maroon Activity Center, (MAC) 550 E. Mercury St.
  • Thursday, July 23- 4-6 p.m.; Friday, July 24 2-6 p.m. & 7-9 p.m.
  • Packet pick-up will NOT take place during the race meeting, but will resume after meetings conclude
  • Required USAC yearly and 1-day race license ($10) are available for purchase
  • The Butte 100 is not responsible for drop bags provided to the race after packet pick-up is concluded (e.g.; race day delivery)
  • All racers must be present to pick up racer packet, sign event participation waiver, and be informed of any last minute course information, safety protocol, and drop bag delivery
  • Unfortunately, it is not an option to have a friend pick up your packet because they cannot sign your waiver; ID required at packet pick-up

Mandatory Racer Meeting

  • Combined racers meeting (50’s and 100’s together) on Friday, at 6 p.m.
  • Held at Maroon Activity Center, (MAC) 550 E. Mercury St.
  • It is essential all racers are present at the meetings to be aware of any last-minute course information, safety protocol, and drop bag delivery
  • The Butte 100 is not responsible for drop bags provided to the race after packet pick-up is concluded (e.g., race-day delivery)
  • Meeting will not last longer than 1 hour

Aid Station Drop Bags

  • The Butte 100 is still considered a non-supported, wilderness race and the use of racer drop bags is strongly encouraged-race supplies other than water and Hammer Heed should be considered supplemental
  • Racers are allowed one 1-gallon zip-lock bag per aid station
  • Bags must be in the possession of the race no later than 9 p.m. of Friday, July 24, to guarantee delivery to the proper aid station
  • Markers will be provided at Packet Pick-up to label drop bags with your racer number. Other recognizable designing/labeling is encouraged to help aid station organization and efficiency
  • Note: Mechanical support is the responsibility of racer

Start Times

  • Sign-in boards will be displayed at the starting line. Racers must sign in. USAC role call of those not signed in will begin promptly 15 minutes prior to the start of the race.
  • 100 Mile: Saturday, July 25th, 2014– 5:45 a.m. role call: race begins at 6:00
  • 50 Mile: Saturday, July 25th, 2014–7:45 a.m. role call: race begins at 8:00
  • For full event schedule go to Race Information Page

Course MarkingButte 100 mountain bike racetrail

  • Markings will consist of yellow/red Butte 100 flagging (similar to ‘caution tape’), similar yellow ribbon; ON RACERS RIGHT. 8”x 8” yellow arrows staked on racer’s right will also be used
  • The Butte 100 strives to provide reassurance markers every 300 yards to 1/2 mile
  • Volunteers will be at all major intersections donning neon shirts.

Cut-off Time

  • Aid Station #10 at Hwy 2 at 7:00 p.m. (about 41 and 91 trail miles)
  • Racers must respect the USAC officials ruling and must leave the course. Continuing on is extremely unsafe; the Butte 100 is not responsible for results happening to those that choose to ignore the racer cut-off time.
  • Racers that drop must either arrange a ride, or patiently wait until a drop shuttle service arrives. Only full or near-full car loads will be transported back to the start/finish
  • Every dropped racer MUST notify Race Coordinator Gwen Waggoner at the finish line immediately upon arrival.

Awards & Raffle

  • Award Ceremony will take place at Start/Finish area (Homestake Pass) at 7:00 p.m. 
  • Top 5 places in all Pro Classes receive payouts and medals
  • Top 3 places in all Open Classes receive medals and swag
  • Top 3  age division finishers receive medals
  • ALL finishers will receive a finishers glass as they cross the finish line
  • King/Queen of the Mountain: the first men’s and women’s, 50 and 100 mile racer to top of the Basin Creek Climb receive a Coca-Cola engraved Copper Mug
  • Growler Award: the very last 100 & 50 mile racer to finish within the time limit
  • Raffle items will be selected according to race numbers; must be present to win

 Drop Bag Pick-up

  • Aid station volunteers will deliver off all contents back to the Start/Finish area as soon as they are released from the course. The Butte 100 is not responsible for returning contents that are left.
  • Please note that Aid Stations 9 and 10 drop bags might not be available until 9 p.m.

Racer Safety

  • Racer safety is of the utmost importance; however, race personnel can’t be everywhere at all times. It is imperative that everyone look after each other throughout race day and report any suspicious behavior to a race volunteer or official
  • Immediately report any odd/suspicious looking behavior before, during, and most importantly after the race to any volunteer, TRP member, ambulance crew, or USFS law enforcement officer
  • A minimum of one ambulance is on call at the start/finish area throughout the race
  • In case of any emergency, the entire course receives cell phone coverage and all aid stations have phones to call emergency personnel

CDT Policy & Trail Etiquette

  • Racer registration indicates your consent to follow the established Continental Divide Trail Policy outlined by the USFS: “Bicycle use may be allowed on the CDNST (16 U.S.C. 1246(c)) if the use is consistent with the applicable land and resource management plan and will not substantially interfere with the nature and purposes of the CDNST.”
  • Proper trail etiquette is required by all Butte 100 racers. This includes, but is not limited to yielding the right of way or dismounting their bike upon encountering horseman, hikers, or other users. Those practicing unsafe trail etiquette may be disqualified from the race. The Butte 100 north and south loop are raced on an open course. You will encounter other users. It is your responsibility to alert your presence and practice proper etiquette.

Cancellation/Fire Policy (Implemented in 2004)

The Butte 100 will commence rain, snow, or shine. In the event that an outside influence creates any difficulty, Triple Ring Productions will make every effort to provide an alternate course if possible. Cancellation is an extreme and very last option. There will be no refunds or carryover of registration fees or entry positions in the event of a race cancellation. TRP will mail all contents of the swag bags and the race jerseys to all registered participants in a timely manner.